Tell Senator Ranzenhofer to Bring the LLC Loophole Bill to a Vote

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Because of a loophole in state law, limited liability companies - or LLCs - are able to give at a rate that is 30X higher than normal corporations. Worse, if a company has multiple LLCs, each of their LLCs can give at that level. This has allowed large real esate companies to donate millions of dollars each year to elected officials.

Senator Ranzenhofer (R - SD61) is blocking a bill that would close that LLC loophole by not letting it come to a vote in his committee - even though Senate rules require him to do so. We recently found out that Ranzenhofer has taken $100,000 from LLCs affiliated with Glenwood Management, the real estate company that figured prominently in both public corruption complaints against former-Senate Leader Dean Skelos and former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Tell Senator Ranzenhofer that this in unacceptable. He needs to stand up for fair elections by allowing the LLC bill (S60) to come to a vote in his committee.


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