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President Obama has asked Congress for "Fast Track" authority to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would reduce our elected representatives' role in crafting this monumental trade deal to a simple up or down vote.

This deal could impact everything from the environment to labor protections. A traditional "Fast Track" approach that doesn't allow enough time for the public to evaluate what's at stake could prove disastrous.

Instead, Congress ought to write a "Fast Track" authorization that sets concrete objectives, allows ample time for deliberation, and ensures the American people can make themselves heard.

your U.S. representative

Call your representative right now and tell him a fair "Fast Track" must include:

  • Full disclosure of the names and affiliations of all “expert” advisors to and participants in TPP negotiations with access to drafts of the agreement;
  • At least a full work week's worth of debate time on trade legislation - 40 hours - instead of "Fast Track’s" cap of only 20 hours.
  • A review period with time for stakeholders to review and comment on the TPP and its impact on businesses, workers, consumers, citizens, and our environment. 
  • A separate up-or-down vote on ISDS, a provision that could allow foreign investors, including multinational corporations, to sue the United States if they think our policies unfairly cost them profits they think they’re owed under a trade agreement.


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