Support Public Financing and Disclosure Reforms

Reform New Mexico Public Finance and Disclosure Laws

Progress: 2%
Progress: 2%
Alerts Taken: 23     Goal: 1000


Making our local governments more open, accessible and transparent is good for ALL New Mexicans. Let's work together to inspire broader engagement in the democratic process and help reduce the influence of money in politics.

1. Revitalize local public campaign finance systems, allowing everyday New Mexicans the opportunity to run for office and compete in elections.

2. Reform campaign finance reporting laws to conform with recent court rulings, modern campaigning practices and improve disclosure.

3. Tighten coordination rules and bring more transparency to politics so that everyone is held accountable.

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Broaden participation in local government by fixing public financing and improving transparency

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We can fix the public campaign financing system and ensure better disclosure in local New Mexico elections!

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