Demand strong recusal standards for all judges!

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Progress: 185%
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The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently ended the investigation of possible illegal activity between Scott Walker's 2011-2012 recall campaign and outside special interest groups.

Four of the justices of the court were the beneficiaries of dark money spent in their behalf and which was the heart of this case. They should have recused themselves and did not.

This type of behavior can happen all across the country: in Wisconsin, many states and the U.S. Supreme Court, it is up to the court itself to adopt recusal rules.

Demand that judges adopt strong rules and abide by them to ensure our courts are fair and impartial.


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PETITION: Americans deserve courts that are fair and impartial. With the explosion of spending in judicial elections, we must adopt transparent and clear judicial recusal standards that apply to all judges, especially a judge that directly benefited from campaign spending by parties that later appear in their courtroom.

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