Don't take lobbyist & PAC money!

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Progress: 78%
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Our political parties should run their conventions on donations from "we, the people," not lobbyists and PACs. Democrats did that in 2012, but the Democratic National Committee just announced it will take money from PACs and lobbyists to fund its 2016 convention.

Common Cause is calling on every candidate for president to demand a ban on PAC and lobbyist convention funding as a necessary step to change Washington's pay-to-play culture.

With money taking more and more control of our system, any candidate who wants to be president needs a plan to put We The People back in charge — standing by in silence while PACs and lobbyists buy the national conventions would show a lack of commitment to this needed goal.

Tell presidential candidates to call on their party to refuse PAC and lobbyist contributions for its political convention!


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PETITION TO PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES: Call on your party to reject convention funds from PACs and lobbyists.

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