NY: Tell the PSC - New Yorkers need a 21st century telecommunications infrastructure.

When it comes to telecommunications, the world is changing, and New Yorkers are being left behind.

Years of deregulation from our state’s “watchdog,” the Public Service Commission, has led to a Wild West environment where consumers are at the mercy of large monopolies.

The results: high costs, poor service quality, lack of competition, and the lack of access to necessary internet connectivity for many.

Common Cause NY and the Connect NY Coalition are fighting on behalf of New Yorkers across the state, and we need you to add your voice to the call!

An "Evidentiary Proceeding" is a set of hearings under oath, where company data can be subpoenaed, and expert witnesses can be called to solicit testimony.

We need an open and transparent, evidentiary proceeding so the Public Service Commission can know the true facts about our failing infrastructure.


Petition Message:

Dear Commission Members,

As the Public Statement Hearings held this summer have borne out, New York residents are frustrated and upset with the current state of telecommunications in New York.

Consumers across the state know too well that today’s telecommunications infrastructure and service quality is simply not adequate to meet current needs. We demand a meaningful examination of this issue, driven by extensive fact-finding.

Evidentiary hearings, where industry representatives and others testify under oath, are essential. Without such a proceeding, it is virtually impossible to gain an accurate assessment of this  issue, which is of paramount importance to New Yorkers and their future.

We, the undersigned, request the Public Service Commission to conduct an open and transparent, evidentiary adversary proceeding.



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