A Bed for Every Head

bed.jpgLately, we have been building a lot of CRF schools with dorms. Unfortunately, we still don’t have enough beds for the children.

When children don’t have a bed, they obviously don’t get a lot of sleep. But they are also tired which makes it hard for them to concentrate in school. Can you imagine sleeping on a hard floor? Wouldn’t it make your efficiency worse?

You can buy a mattress for only $25. If you wanted to add a mosquito net, you could do so for another $10. If you could help us with a bunk bed frame, it would be $100.

Could you help us make sure that every one of our CRF children has a bed?


Read more about our need for beds here.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

To make a gift by mail, send your check to Christian Relief Fund to PO Box 19670, Amarillo, TX 79114

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Or to make a gift by phone call 1-800-858-4038.

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