Letter to the President in Support of Calorie Labeling



CSPI’s latest study, Xtreme Eating 2013, reaffirms the need for restaurants and similar retail food establishments to tell customers how many calories are in their menu items.  For example, who would guess that The Cheesecake Factory’s Bistro Shrimp Pasta has a whopping 3,120 calories or that Smoothie King’s 40 oz. Peanut Power Plus Grape Smoothie has 1,460 calories? 

In 2010, Congress passed a law to have chain food establishments provide calorie information on menus and menu boards. The law was meant to include chain restaurants, vending machines, and other food-service establishments with restaurant-type food, like movie theaters and supermarkets. But these industries don’t want to list their calories.

Please tell President Obama that you want prominent calorie labeling on menus and menu boards at pizza chains, movie theaters, grocery stores, convenience stores, along with chain restaurants, and calories on vending machines.


  • President Barack Obama


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Please do not to exempt pizza chains, movie theaters, and supermarkets from menu labeling

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