Urge Mayor Emanuel to Withdraw Chicago's Partnership with Coca-Cola

Just when you thought Coke’s marketing schemes couldn’t be topped, the company outdoes itself by conscripting Chicagoans to do their dirty work.  Recently, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that the city was partnering with Coca-Cola to roll out a city-wide recycling program.  The $2.59 million grant from Coke will provide 25,000 new recycling bins this year with another 25,000 to come over the next five years.  These bins however, which will be distributed to every house and apartment complex in the city, will have “photos of bottles of Coke and cartons of Coke-owned Minute Maid orange juice” plastered on them.  Essentially Coke has bought the rights to advertise to the residents of Chicago around-the-clock by offering to subsidize the new recycling bins.

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Mayor Emanuel wants to “take politics out of garbage collection” in the city of Chicago, but failed to do so with the city-wide recycling program by partnering with Coke.  Please urge him to withdraw the city’s partnership with Coke by sending a letter today The city should instead use the money already being saved from the new garbage system ($18 million) to fund the recycling effort.  At the very least, the city should not allow Coke to use the recycling program to market to Chicago families by displaying photos of their products on the new bins. 

If Coke was serious about being able to “give back to Chicago,” they would not insist on covering the bins with photos of their products.  Allowing this appalling advertising scheme to take place in the third most populous city in the United States would be detrimental to efforts to reduce the consumption of sugar drinks and ultimately reduce obesity.


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