Bad Iran Deal

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Vote Against The Dangerous Deal with Iran

Dear Congresswoman Anne Kirkpatrick, 

As a constituent who cares deeply about the future of America and our ally, Israel, I am deeply disturbed by the nuclear deal reached with Iran in Vienna.

This deal fails to meet any of the minimum requirements set out by those hoping for a serious agreement. Among other critical flaws, it does not: (1) permit anytime/anywhere inspections, (2) link sanctions relief to proof of continued compliance, or (3) demand full disclosure of Iran's past nuclear activities.

The Iranians were even able to speed the end of the arms embargo against them without having to stop their support for international terror.

In the short term, this deal will provide Iran with a windfall of over one hundred billion dollars which it will use to increase its funding of Hezbollah, Hamas and Assad. The tragic fact is that Israelis and Arabs will pay for this deal with their lives.

In the long term, this deal paves the way for Iran to obtain both a nuclear bomb and international legitimacy. Our children will live in a far more dangerous world because of it.

For the sake of America and Israel, I ask that you vote against this dangerous deal.

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