Thank President Trump for Ending Money for Murder

Thank You President Trump for Ending Money for Murder

Dear  [President Trump],

Thank you for making the Taylor Force Act the law of the land.

As you know, for years the Palestinian Authority has been inciting its people to commit acts of violence against Israelis by paying terrorists or their families pensions whose value is directly tied to the number of innocent lives the terrorist takes. In spite of this abhorrent policy, the PA has continued to receive hundreds of millions of American taxpayer dollars. Your decision to advance the Taylor Force Act strikes a blow to the PA's "pay-to-slay" scheme.

From formally recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital to the Taylor Force Act, since taking office you have consistently shown your willingness to stand up for Israel.

I am deeply grateful for your actions in support of the US-Israel relationship, and I look forward to your continued leadership on the vital issues with which Christians United for Israel is concerned.

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