Demand that Senator Rand Paul abandon his call to end aid to Israel

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Please abandon your call for to end aid to Israel

Dear  [Decision Maker],

I am writing to you as a fellow American to ask that you abandon your call to end aid to Israel.

Like you, I am outraged at our growing national debt. Like you, I demand that our government finally live within its means. But unlike you, I do not believe that cutting aid to Israel is the way to accomplish this goal.

On the contrary, eliminating aid to Israel would abandon a key ally in a dangerous region at a turbulent time. Such a cut would betray our highest principles, endanger our nation, and, in the long run, end up costing us far more.

Please understand, Senator, that our military aid to Israel enables Israel to maintain its qualitative edge over its enemies. The minute that Israel's enemies believe they can destroy Israel, they will do so. Then we will likely see this stable outpost of democracy turned into another anti-American terrorist base. If you look at how much we have spent in both American blood and treasure to try to build democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan, you will begin to understand the bargain that is our aid to Israel.

The fact is this -- if Israel didn't exist we'd have to invest far more to create this front-line force in the battle against Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran.

Please do not betray our high moral calling. Please do not saddle our children with greater danger and, ultimately, greater debt. Please abandon your call to end aid to Israel.

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