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Mr. President -- Please oppose UN Recognition of a Palestinian State

Dear [Decision Maker],

As you know, the Palestinian Authority intends to request unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state from the United Nations later this month. We appreciate that you and members of your administration have indicated that the U.S. will veto such a resolution in the Security Council and vote against such a resolution in the General Assembly. We're writing to urge you to follow through on these important commitments -- and more.

As you've repeatedly noted, the only way to achieve a real and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians is through negotiations. The Palestinian decision to abandon negotiations and violate the Oslo Accords by seeking unilateral recognition from the United Nations has nothing to do with promoting peace. It is a cynical ploy to further the international isolation and delegitimization of Israel. It is a dangerous step backwards.

Beyond our Security Council veto and our "no" vote in the General Assembly, there is more that you can do. In the time that remains between now and the U.N. vote, we urge you to use all of the significant diplomatic leverage at your disposal to persuade our allies around the world to join us in voting against any such General Assembly resolution. While the General Assembly is dominated by Israel's enemies -and everyone knows it - every additional "no" vote will send a message that those who truly seek peace will not reward Palestinian intransigence.

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