Please Recognize Ashkelon as Sacramento's Sister City

Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for your consideration of Ashkelon, Israel, as a Sister City for Sacramento.

Ashkelon is a wise choice. As a city under constant missile attack from Islamic terrorists in Gaza, Ashkelon symbolizes the challenges currently facing the Jewish state and the pressing need for America to stand with our embattled ally. As the home of the largest regional hospital -- which serves both Israelis injured by Gaza's terrorists and Palestinians from Gaza -- this city symbolizes the heart of the Israeli people who are constantly searching for peace and coexistence

We understand that you're coming under pressure to reject Ashkelon as a Sister City. We hope that you will not be swayed by those seeking to delegitimize Israel. Those trying to block this expression of U.S.-Israel friendship do not represent the views of the overwhelming majority of Americans. And these opponents are certainly not among those seeking a true and lasting peace between Israelis and their Arab neighbors.

Thank you for your service and consideration.

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