Action Alert: Ask Sen. Paul to stop blocking vital legislation

Senator Rand Paul 1


Please Remove Your Hold on the US-Israel Security Assistance Act

Dear  [Senator Paul],

I'm writing to ask you to release your hold on the US-Israel Security Assistance Act. This bill is the cornerstone of US support for Israel. It ensures Israel has what it needs to fight terrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah, and keeps at bay tyrants like the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Just recently the importance of this legislation was made painfully clear as Israel endured hundreds of rocket attacks at the hands of terrorists.

Moreover, US support for Israel is in our country's national security interests. Unlike many of our allies, Israel has never and will never ask American service members to fight on her behalf. On the contrary, because the US and Israel share values, we fight the same enemies. When Israel fights these terrorists, America is made safer.

Likewise, American military aid to Israel is our nation's greatest return on such investment. The bulk of US assistance to Israel is spent here at home, creating jobs and enhancing our defense industry's productivity. The Israelis consistently make technological improvements to American arms and develop battle tested tools that keep American service members safe and boost our combat effectiveness.

Standing with Israel is a Christian value and is in our national security interests. I respectfully request that you remove your hold on this vital legislation.

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