UNRWA Perpetuating Conflict at US Taxpayer Expense

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) was established in 1949 to assist Arab refugees who fled their homes when five Arab armies attacked and tried to wipe out the new Jewish state. It was supposed to be a temporary agency to help resettle the refugees. It failed in its mission, but instead of folding or starting over, UNRWA redefined its mission. Now, instead of working towards a solution, UNRWA helps perpetuate refugee narrative among actual refugees’ descendants, and thus the ongoing conflict with Israel. The US is UNRWA’s largest single funder (per UNRWA’s figures). Here are some of the reasons that generosity from the US taxpayer needs to be reexamined:

UNRWA Works Toward the Wrong Goal: The appropriate and logical goal of a refugee aid organization is resettlement of the refugees so they build a new life for themselves wherever they can be settled. However, according to the textbooks and other educational materials and programs that UNRWA provides, the only solution is flooding Israel with millions of Palestinian Arabs and thus destroying the Jewish state.

UNRWA Has the Wrong Definition of Refugee: According to the dictionary, the term “refugee” means someone who has been forced to flee their home country. However, UNWRA’s definition of the term includes children, grand-children, and now even great-grand-children of the people who fled their homes. In contrast to all other refugee populations, which diminish over time, the Palestinian refugee population has grown. The issue of 600,000 Palestinian refugees in 1949 has swelled into a problem of over 5 million official “refugees” today.

UNWRA’s Budget Has Mushroomed: Despite UNRWA’s failure to fulfill its mission of resettling refugees, its budget has grown enormously, from $27 million in 1952 to $1.2 Billion in 2015. In the last ten years alone, its budget has more than doubled and now represents more than a third of the UN’s total budget for helping more than 50 million refugees worldwide. Normally, when an organization fails in its mission, it goes out of business or gets restructured. However, UNRWA is failing while growing.

The US Taxpayer is Footing Much of the Bill: The United States taxpayer has been an important contributor to UNRWA’s prosperity. That contribution is also mushrooming. In 2005, the US provided $108 million of UNRWA’s budget. In 2015, the US gave $380 million (per UNRWA report).

UNRWA Fosters the Terror War Against Israel: There are many connections between UNRWA and the ongoing terror war against Israel. The latest was a celebration in honor of the recent Jerusalem bus bomber, which was hosted at a UNRWA facility. In Gaza, UNRWA facilities have been found to store weapons and hide terror tunnel entrances. UNRWA employees have been convicted of terrorism, and there is widespread evidence of UNRWA employees openly supporting acts of terror.


UNRWA Helps Educate a New Generation to Hate: UNRWA’s spends over half its budget on education and prides itself on its 685 schools serving 500,000 Palestinian children. However, its curriculum demonizes Israel and the Jews and emphasizes violent struggle for the liberation of Palestine (which in their texts, includes ALL of Israel). It praises Jihad and martyrdom. UNRWA is helping educate a new generation of Palestinians to hate Jews and Israel and to perpetuate violent conflict. (Based on latest study of PA schoolbooks by Israel Resource Review.)

As Americans, we are justifiably concerned about the misuse of our taxpayer dollars. As supporters of Israel, we are appalled to see those dollars being used to support Israel’s enemies and help teach hatred of Israel to a new generation of Palestinians.

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