Walk Strong Across America 2022

Walk for Team Ella

Welcome to my CureJM Walk Strong Across America fundraising page.  I'm Ella Eisenreich, I'm 16 years old and I have Juvenile Dermatomyositis(JDM).  JDM is a rare autoimmune disease that presents itself in different ways.  Approximately three in a million children are diagnosed.  Juvenile Dermatomyositis is a disease in which one's immune system attacks healthy muscle and skin tissue.  Some symptoms include weakening of the muscles, muscle pain, fatigue and soreness, skin involvement such as rashes on the eyelids, mouth ulcers, joint pain and inflammation.  My JDM story is a bit different than most kids with JDM.  My symptoms are known to be mild/moderate in severity.  I have experienced muscle weakness, joint pain and swelling, rashes on my eyelids, mouth ulcers and fatigue.  Fortunately, these symptoms have not created a debilitating situation for me.  Daily I experience swollen hands and joint pain, often making simple tasks difficult to push through.  Currently, there is not cure for JDM.  I take several medications daily to help treat the symptoms.  These medications come with many side effects.   Some children are able to reach remission with medications and therapeutic treatments.  Unfortunately, that's not the case for me.  However, I continue to keep myself active with running to keep symptoms at bay.  Every cross country and track season so far, symptoms have kept me from being my best.  I won't let this keep me down.  Wouldn't it be amazing to one day have a Cure!!!  The Cure JM Foundation is working with researchers and doctors to help all kids and families with this difficult disease effects.  We are participating in Walk Strong Across America.  

We invite you to show your support for kids like me by making a gift and walking with us on July 4th!  Wear your Red White and Blue and Join me for a WALK in my neighborhood starting at 10AM!

Cure JM families, friends and supporters are coming together to raise $750,000 for Juvenile Myositis research.  Reaching this important milestone will help ensure no promising research is left on the table.

Gifts will be matched by the Leetz Family Match.  Every dollar makes a difference and gifts will be put straight to work to advance research for better treatments, better care, and, ultimately, a cure.

I am so grateful for your support. 



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