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Walk for Norah 2023



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Five years ago, Norah was diagnosed with a life-threatening rare disease called Juvenile Dermatomyositis. She lost her ability to walk, lift her head, and swallow safely. After a lot of treatment and some time with a feeding tube, she is a thriving eight year old, able to run and play with her friends. She has not achieved remission but we are hopeful. We will be forever grateful for the research that allowed for her amazing recovery and her current quality of life.

Norah is celebrating Cure JM's 20-year anniversary by walking strong to Cure JM and hope you will join and support her team.

Your gift will be put right to work to:

  • Advance four clinical trials
  • Help kids get the best care
  • Fund our largest-ever grant cycle, including investigating a new type of gene therapy
  • We are grateful for your support.

Here is a short video by Norah: https://youtube.com/shorts/_D6W4ZOyC38?feature=share

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