Walk Strong to Cure JM

Walk for Colleen

My name is Colleen Kacedan, and I was diagnosed with JDM at 14 years old. This has been a long six-year journey, and I am proud to say that I am off of steroids and in remission on minimal medication. The pictures on the left shows me at the height of my medications in 2018, and the physical impacts of steroids. The pictures on the right is me today, twenty years old, six years later, on little medication! It took around a year to get completely off of all forms of prednisone, and I have been trending upward ever since. I am very fortunate that my doctors caught this disease early and I can be in my position today. Although I am in remission, this rare disease is incurable and it could always relapse and come back. I am looking to raise not only money, but awareness in the continued search to find a cure for this rare disease. 

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