Walk Strong to Cure JM

Team Deal

Meet Joseph, a 7 year old boy from Reno, Nevada. Joseph was diagnosed with JDM a year ago. Joseph was very athletic and within 6 weeks he was barely able to walk, get dressed on his own and couldn’t even lift up his head. Today, there are 5 other children in Reno fighting this fight! We need YOUR help in finding a cure! 

Help us give children hope for a brighter future.


Every dollar makes a difference to improve treatments, care, and support for juvenile myositis.  


Juvenile myositis is a life-threatening disease which causes children to miss out on the best part of being a kid.


There are currently no approved treatments.  Current treatments save lives, but have devastating side-effects.  Together we can change that.  

Please make a donation to help me reach my goal.  Your generous donations can allow us to advance the fight against this disease.  

Want to help me fundraise?  Click "Join My Team!"

It is only with your support, we can get to the finish line.  

**If you wish to send a check, please mail to:

Cure JM, P.O. Box 45768, Baltimore, MD 21297

Thank you!

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