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Hi, My name is Katie Knudsen and this is my story: 

on march 18, 2022 i first heard the words juvenile dermatomyositis. derma - meaning skin and myositis - meaning muscle. so basically my body is attacking my muscles and giving me a rash. prior to hearing the words jdm come out of my rheumatologist mouth, everyone thought it was just a side affect of accutane, muscle stiffness, dry skin, and much more. beginning in December and just continuing to get worse, i started getting big sores on the insides of my legs, rashes on my arms / fingers. my arms and hips hurt so much to move i couldn’t comb my hair, get dressed, shower, walk into school. i was so swollen, and much much more. everyone thought this was just the accutane. it wasn’t. after countless doctors and each doctor connecting me to a knew one i was finally diagnosed. i was put into the hospital for many days, during my stay i got a lot of steroids, x ray, mri, muscle biopsy, ivig, pt, ot, and lots of different people coming to test / look at me. i was told i have to do a weekly methotrexate shots,  steroids, don’t go in the sun ( always wear long sleeves and lots of sunscreen ), go to pt, and ivig once a month. i was on steroids for 8 months which let me to not look like myself, and my body wasn’t moving like it use too. this is just some of the surface level stuff i experience. i started to let my disease define me. then someone told me it doesn’t define me, that i am much more then my disease. with every thing that is happening to me i needed to hear that. i can still be the person before my diagnosis just with a little something extra. i will continue to fight each and every single day to just be me even if some things have changed. i am continuing to get better. thankfully i am off my shot now and moved to cellcept. right now i am stable and hoping to shine some light on this rare disease.

Help us give children hope for a brighter future.


Every dollar makes a difference to improve treatments, care, and support for juvenile myositis.  


Juvenile myositis is a life-threatening disease which causes children to miss out on the best part of being a kid.


There are currently no approved treatments.  Current treatments save lives, but have devastating side-effects.  Together we can change that.  

Please make a donation to help me reach my goal.  Your generous donations can allow us to advance the fight against this disease.  

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