Walk Strong Across America 2021

Team: Higher Cause

As you’ve seen in my video, I’ll be starting this year with the Walk Strong Across America Summit, where I will be hiking to the highest peak in each of 10 states on the first-year list, culminating with the highest peak east of the Mississippi, Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina at 6,684 ft. I’ll be hiking Mt. Mitchell on Walk Strong Across America Day on July 4.

My initial goal is to raise $10,000 this year. Can you help?

We must fight this disease, and need treatments that don’t leave children battle-scarred.
We can create a brighter future for JM kids everywhere, and you can help. Please consider supporting our critical research in one of the following ways.

While hiking or scaling the highest peaks in the U.S. may be challenge for a guy like me, it is nothing compared to the challenges our JM kids face each and every day. Because juvenile myositis is a disease where the immune system attacks and weakens a child’s muscles, we first walk for our JM kids as we look to the day we can walk with them as they overcome the physical debilitation caused by the disease, for which there is no cure. When we find that cure, our JM kids can conquer these summits on their own.

The funds we raise in Walk Strong Across America help Cure JM blaze a path in juvenile myositis and autoimmune disease research. The most exciting prospects for JM kids are several clinical trials underway for drugs that, if proven effective, might replace the outmoded and inferior treatments that we have today. The immediate and long-term side effects of these treatments are horrendous and often rob JM kids of their childhood.
My thanks, in advance, for your thoughtful consideration. I’ll be sharing some Cure JM family stories and progress toward reaching each Summit along way. You can follow this progress on Facebook, Instagram, or the Cure JM YouTube channel.

With appreciation,

Jim Minow
Executive Director, Cure JM

P.S. Here’s the Summit line up, with a kickoff from our Nation’s Capital.

image for jim 2021 climb


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