Walk Strong to Cure JM


Team Ezzy

Not many currently know of my son Ezra’s condition.  He has JDM and is currently under treatment.  Throughout this journey many doctors and specialists have told me that if this was 20 years ago we would be having a different conversation.  Thanks to the research that they have now they have been able to find not a cure but a treatment that will help patients with being able to do the everyday things kids enjoy which includes jumping, hopping, running.  For this we are greatful and would love to now be a part of the research and help collect donations for Cure JM so they can continue to do what has helped our little Ezzy.  Help us give children hope for a brighter future.


Every dollar makes a difference to improve treatments, care, and support for juvenile myositis.  


Juvenile myositis is a rare life-threatening disease which causes children to miss out on the best part of being a kid.  Due to it affecting muscles and skin.  Current treatments save lives, but sometimes have harsh side effects.

Please make a donation or join us in the walk to help us reach our goal.   Your gift advances our fight against this disease.  


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It is only with your support, we can get to the finish line.  

**If you wish to send a check, please make payable to Cure JM and mail to:

Cure JM, P.O. Box 45768, Baltimore, MD 21297, with our family's name in the memo

Thank you!

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