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Maya's Warriors

In this family no one fights alone!
Maya's Warriors

Welcome family and friends to my Team fundraising page. Let me introduce myself, my name is Maya and I am 8 years old. I am a warrior to this on-going fight battling Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM) and Oligoarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (oJIA). I was diagnosed in March 2022 with JDM, after discovering a cute little butterfly rash on my face. After countless not so fun pokes with needles and having my blood drawn, my Mommy and I were given my exact diagnoses. A little fun fact for those who are not familiar with JDM. This is a rare inflammatory disease of my muscles and skin, and blood vessel that affect about 3 in 1 million children. I just so happen to be one of those lucky kiddos that it affects.

My body's immune system gets confused and my white blood cells end up fighting my body’s own tissues and healthy cells causing my body to get inflamed. Although I love to be outside in the sun even on the hottest summer days, the sun is not my friend because the UV light from the sun can trigger a disease flare. Also at times, I tend to feel like an “old lady” when my muscles feel weak or stiff and normal day to day activities like walking or climbing stairs are uncomfortable for me and sometimes difficult to do. Currently there is no cure for my JDM. However, I have been able to manage my flares and reduce most of my symptoms with my current treatment plan of IVIG infusions, IV Orencia treatments, and physical therapy to help me live a fun, active and productive life.

Help us give children hope for a brighter future.

Every dollar makes a difference to improve treatments, care, and support for juvenile myositis. It is a life-threatening disease which causes children to miss out on the best part of being a kid.


There are currently no approved treatments.  Current treatments save lives, but have devastating side-effects.  Together we can change that.  

Please make a donation to help me reach my goal.   Your gift advances our fight against this disease.  


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It is only with your support, we can get to the finish line.  

**If you wish to send a check, please make payable to Cure JM and mail to:

Cure JM, P.O. Box 45768, Baltimore, MD 21297, with our family's name in the memo

Thank you!

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