Ask Secretary of State Kerry to remove Cuba from the list of "State Sponsors of Terrorism"

Urge Secretary Kerry to take this step toward normalizing relationships between the U.S. and Cuba.

“State Sponsors of Terrorism” is a designation applied by the U.S. Department of State to countries which it says have "repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism." Cuba was added to the list in 1982 on the grounds that it provided direct support for leftist guerrilla groups in Latin America, and that it advocated for armed revolution in the region.

However, this has not been the case for many years.

Current justifications focus on Cuba’s harboring of members of the Spanish Basque Separatist group ETA and the Colombian guerilla group FARC, and U.S. fugitives from justice.

It's time to remove Cuba from the list

The presence of ETA and FARC members in Cuba has its origins in agreements with the Spanish and Colombian governments. In the case of Colombia, the Cuban government is playing a constructive role in the Colombian peace talks, which has been acknowledged and endorsed by the U.S. The most recent (2011) U.S. Country Report on Terrorism acknowledges that “there was no indication that the Cuban government provided weapons or paramilitary training for either ETA or the FARC.”

Cuba has also ratified all 12 international counterterrorism conventions and has offered to sign a bilateral agreement with the United States on counterterrorism.

Normalizing relations benefits both Cubans and Americans

The churches in Cuba are flourishing. Ending the hostility between the U.S. and Cuban governments, and taking major new steps toward normal relationships, can help further enhance the climate in which the Cuban churches continue to grow in numbers and in freedom.

Removing Cuba from the Terrorist List would also send a positive signal to Latin American governments. U.S. policy toward Cuba is symbolically important in Latin America – it is seen as a reflection of U.S. attitudes toward the region as a whole.

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