Urge Your Representative to Prioritize Humanitarian Foreign Assistance

Let's say your neighbors are having a hard time. They're hungry. The kids are sick. Would you open your wallet and lend a couple of bucks across the fence?

That's exactly what relief and development aid in the U.S. federal budget is designed to do. It's assistance to the world's poorest communities – our neighbors – to help them find their way out of poverty and into self-sufficient, healthy lives. The only difference is that this is something we do together as a people, as Americans.

Yet the U.S. House of Representatives aims to cut every dollar we use help to our neediest neighbors by 25 cents.

We understand the U.S. checkbook is tight. But we're hoping you'll join us in telling Members of Congress that helping the world's poorest is a priority.

At less than 1 percent of the U.S. federal budget, U.S. foreign assistance for people who are hungry and hurting is a life-saving investment. The cuts proposed by the House would all but stall real progress made in helping moms, dads and children lift themselves from poverty.

Your voice can make the difference. Contact your member of Congress now and tell them the U.S. can find another way to balance its books than on the backs of our neighbors in need.

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