Nine Thousand Nights: Refugees from Burma, A Peoples' Scrapbook

Nine Thousand Nights

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In remote "bamboo cities" ringed by deep forests and high mountains on the western edge of Thailand, refugees from Burma have lived a life apart for more than 25 years or "Nine Thousand Nights."  Now they and "outsiders" who have known them share personal memories of harsh, inspiring and extraordinary times on the 2,000-kilometer Thailand-Burma border in this new book.

A project of the Thailand Burma Border Consortium (TBBC), this extraordinary 200-page volume brings together hundreds of stories, anecdotes, poems, art and photographs to paint a vivid mosaic of the life and times of a place and its people who have long been waiting for justice, peace and solutions to their plight.

In "Nine Thousand Nights," refugees tell of the pain and trauma of fleeing from bullets, torture and forced labor at the hands of the Burmese army, and of their determination to survive and build new lives in exile.  TBBC members and others tell of their encounters in the border camps, meeting women and men whose courage, humor and resilience left a deep impression and inspired them to want to know more, or to help.

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