Urge Your Members of Congress to Work for Improved U.S.–Cuba Relations

President Obama is considering taking major new steps to improve U.S. relations with Cuba. But he needs encouragement from members of Congress whose constituents support such changes to make it happen.

Ending the hostility between the U.S. and Cuban governments, and taking major new steps toward normal relationships, will benefit both the Cuban and U.S. peoples. It will also further enhance the climate in which Cuban churches – which are currently flourishing – can continue to grow in numbers and in freedom.

Contact your members of Congress and urge them to work with President Obama to:

Initiate direct, high-level dialogue with the Cuban government.
Direct, unrestricted, meaningful dialogue with the Cuban Government on issues that concern both countries can facilitate the exchange of ideas and create possibilities for increased engagement by all sectors of our societies. Recent government-to-government talks have occurred about mail service and migration. President Obama should extend such talks and move them to a new level.

Remove Cuba from the United States' list of state sponsors of terrorism.
Cuba is NOT a state sponsor of terror and must be taken off this list. Cuba’s placement on the list is widely recognized as inaccurate and dates to decades-old political dynamics that no longer exist. Cuba’s inclusion on the list undermines the United States' ability to use its influence towards continuing improvements in political freedom and human rights.

Lift all restrictions on “people-to-people” travel between the United States and Cuba.
Although Congressional action is required to allow tourist travel to Cuba, the president has the authority to allow travel for cultural and educational purposes. He should exercise this for all such travel. Purposeful travel between the U.S. and Cuba creates and strengthens fruitful relationships between Americans and Cubans.

Contact your members of Congress now!

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