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Goal: $25,000


Last year, CWS helped 126,886 people in 300 of the most vulnerable communities receive sustainable clean drinking water.

This year we want to do more!

We want to ensure that clean drinking water is available to more than 130,000 people, and to do that, we must raise an additional $25,000—and fast.

Join with us to help us break our goal this year.

Give Water today

Right now, a child, desperate and thirsty, drinks water from a stagnant puddle and becomes ill from a water-borne parasite. A mother spends 11 hours walking to and from the nearest water well to bring clean water for her family. An entire community is devastated by drought because they have no sustainable source of water.

We must act...

Church World Service is bringing together friends like you to Give Water to those who need it most, an exciting opportunity to raise $25,000 to deliver clean water this year to more than 6,000 more of the most vulnerable men, women, and children around the world.

Join us to provide more than 130,000 people this year with a source of clean water that LASTS!

We don’t just provide water for a day. We create sustainable solutions that quench the thirst of children . . . families . . . communities for a lifetime. We do this by getting to know the community we are helping and coming up with a custom solution that will best fit their long-term needs and make the most impact.

In Kenya, that could mean helping a community struggling with a chronic drought to build a sand dam that provides a readily available water source. In Cambodia, it’s helping small villages with clean water supplies to put an end to chronic illness. In Honduras, it means forming a community-based water advisory board that is educated on how to protect their rain forest and natural clean water sources.

Will you help us reach our goal of providing more than 130,000 people with clean water this year?

  • $20.75 is enough to provide water for 5 people
  • $41.50 is enough to provide water for 10 people
  • $83 will help 20 people have water for life
  • $103.75 will help 25 men, women or children
  • $207.50 will provide water for 50 vulnerable people
  • Other ($5 minimum)


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