Alternative Gift Holiday Fair

Looking for a meaningful respite from the annual holiday shopping frenzy?

Organize an Alternative Gift Fair for your congregation or organization! It's easy, personal, and a fun way to bring your community together. You will be offering a unique opportunity for people who want to give gifts with real meaning, a value that goes far beyond the purchase price.


  • •  Form a team: 2-4 people to organize the event and 10-15 volunteers to staff it.
  • •  Choose a location, date and time – setting aside 4 hours for the fair.
  • •  Invite other non-profit organizations, such as a local food bank, to participate.
  • •  Let your CWS field office know about your fair to help. Call toll-free 888-297-2767.



  • •  Send a press release to local media and other congregations.
  • •  Send a Public Service Announcement to local radio stations.
  • •  Post the details of your fair on your congregation's website and in other communications.

Want more information? Download our Tips Guide.

Your gift helps bring genuine and lasting change to those who need it most. All these gifts are examples of how CWS works in partnership to assist people in the world’s poorest countries to find effective ways of tackling poverty and injustice. Whatever gift you buy, your money will fund the program areas related to your gift or be used where most needed.

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