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Providing long-term, sustainable food security

A community celebrates

Photo: Rosaura Andiñach/CWS

The only way we can win the battle against hunger is to provide struggling communities with education, hands-on training, tools and other supplies they will use to develop their own food security.

We work at the community level, determining solutions that will work in that specific place. We teach rural farmers how to create natural fertilizer for their tomato fields. We work with the urban poor, showing them container gardening techniques that make the most of their limited space. We help people learn the basics of small livestock production by providing baby chicks, piglets or rabbits, along with education on how to care for the animals.

Whether we are in a large city in South Asia, the jungles of Central America, or a small town in Eastern Europe, our goal is to empower hungry people to take charge of their own natural resources and use them to create a sustainable food supply.

Please become a part of this holistic approach to eradicating hunger by providing long-term, sustainable food security.

Thank you for your generous support.

CWS is a member of the ACT Alliance and is consistently rated highly as an efficient organization.