The climate crisis is urgent -- communities, the planet, and our very existence are threatened. To have a fighting chance, we must immediately scale up forest protection, rewild and restore degraded forests, reduce consumption, and transition to truly clean, renewable energy.

But at a time when we should be protecting forests, the US is cutting down our own forests at one of the highest rates in the world, creating a climate emergency.

Last year the Stand4Forests movement was launched, laying out a bold vision for forest protection in the US. Currently, more than 200 organizations, elected officials and scientists have signed onto the Stand4Forests platform. Now, we need our elected officials in Washington, DC to become champions for forests too.

On the International Day of Forests, March 21st, we’re calling our Representatives and Senators and asking them to become Stand4Forests champions. By joining the growing list of supporters, US policymakers who endorse the Stand4Forests platform will be taking a stand for principles any American can get behind: clean air and water, protection from flooding and storms, the green economy, biodiversity, and the charge to solve the climate crisis.

Look up your Representative and Senators here, and fill out the form to let us know how your calls went!

To find your elected officials, please enter your ZIP Code. If you live in a split district, you may need to enter your full address.

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Call-In Script

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent living in [TOWN]. I am very concerned about the alarming rate of logging, destruction, and degradation of forests in the US. Natural forest ecosystems are our best defense against climate change, and they also provide us with clean air, clean water, biodiversity, protection from extreme weather, and green jobs in a decarbonized economy. At a time when we should be protecting standing forests, the destruction and degradation of US forests has created a climate emergency, which is a major injustice to our most vulnerable communities. I’m calling to ask [TARGET] to endorse the Stand4Forests platform, and to vote against legislation that promotes more logging or eliminates environmental protections that protect forests.

If leaving a voicemail: Be sure to leave your full mailing address to ensure your comments are tallied.