Making Your Voice Heard

We can all find reasons not to do advocacy work. This is a nation of more than 280 million people and sometimes it can be hard to feel like you can make an impact. But keep in mind that politics is about people. Every political decision at every level is made by a person. One personal story and one powerful experience can change a person’s mind and heart. 

Remember that few people take the time to contact their legislators. That means your contact will have impact; and if you are silent, someone else, perhaps an opponent, will be heard that much better.

Tips for Making Your Voice Heard 

Remember, you are not working alone! We as a national organization and network of grassroots chapters can work together to change laws and regulations. Positive changes in mental health policy can only happen through the combined efforts of you, National DBSA, and other local DBSA chapters. Many legislators don’t know much about the experiences and needs of people with mood disorders, but by staying in contact with them, we can change that.