th Month 2017

DBSA Mental Health Month: May 2017

Many people are finding the past year, now, and the immediate future to be challenging times for their emotional health and well-being. Uncertainly breeds anxiety, and often fear—both of which can cause new, or worsen existing, mental health challenges. And, all of us invested in advocating for the rights of people living with mental health conditions will need to fight harder than ever to ensure all who need help have access to quality mental health care. At times, this can feel like a heavy burden and even overwhelming.

As such, we at DBSA searched for ways to help each of us individually better address any anxiety, fear, and added need for advocacy—to lighten the loads we each carry and not surprisingly, we came to the conclusion that we can’t do it alone. That the best way to help ourselves is through the principles DBSA was founded on—the principles of peer support!

Whether you’re helping a fellow peer who lives with depression or bipolar disorder, or are the parent, family member, or friend of someone who does, support from others is a critical component of wellness—not only for the person you’re helping, but you! A community of support magnifies our ability to share concerns, learn new wellness strategies, lend a friendly ear, discover ways to advocate, celebrate our successes, and turn feelings of isolation and exclusion to feelings of belonging to a community of people doing good in the world—for ourselves and others.

Join us during May to connect with a community of support.

In celebration of Mental Health Month, we invite you to join us during May at #MoodVillage and to connect with a community of people who know the challenges and victories of life with a mood disorder—their own, or that of a child, family member, or friend.

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Look for #MoodVillage posts on this page and DBSA’s social media accounts throughout the month of May!

Each week in May we’ll discover together ways to

  • inform,
  • learn,
  • celebrate,
  • act, and
  • connect with each other as we explore our growing #MoodVillage of support.

Tour of #MoodVillage Hot Locales

  • Neighborhoods – Week 1
  • Community Center – Week 2
  • School – Week 3
  • Municipal/Government building – Week 4

Weekly Calendars

Check out this page each day or week in May to find a summary of information and tools shared in the #MoodVillage community on social media for the current week—or get a sneak peek of what’s planned for the week ahead! 

th Month 2017

MAY 1-5

Welcome to the Neighborhood where we’ll explore ways to help ourselves and those closest to us!

th Month 2017May 1: Knowledge is power. Read and share the facts about depression and bipolar disorder in this new infographic (pdf) about the prevalence of mood disorders.
May 2: Take this quick quiz to see how much you’ve learned about mood disorders and share it with your Facebook friends
May 3: Celebrating inspirational peers— Nominate someone for DBSA’s 2017 Life Unlimited Award! From personal triumphs, to raising awareness,  to founding non-profits, peers featured in DBSA’s Life Unlimited series offer inspiration and hope to us all. Read stories
May 4: Take Action: Discover wellness tools and inspiration on and share with others what inspires you to work towards wellness in your comments.
May 5: Make a connection: Starting a conversation about a mood disorder can be hard. Creating a DBSA I’m here… pin with someone you care about can make it a little easier.

th Month 2017

MAY 8-12

Come on down the Community Center where we’ll share new ways to support each other!

th Month 2017May 8: Knowledge is power. Read and share how peer support is a huge component of wellness in this new infographic from DBSA about the efficacy of peer support and where to find it.
May 9: Take this quick quiz to see if have what it takes to be peer support champion!
May 10: DBSA celebrates peer support champions during Mental Health Month 2017! Read about Michael, Coleen, and Mindy!
May 11: Take Action: Make a difference by providing support to your peers. Volunteer with DBSA’s Helpline and provide information and resource referrals to individuals seeking a support.
May 12: How do you participate in or provide peer support? Make a Connection: Try DBSA’s in-person or online support group or our parent network.

th Month 2017

MAY 15-19

Time to head back to School to learn more about using wellness strategies to increase our own, or others,  well-being!

th Month 2017May 15: Knowledge is power. Try adding these easy wellness moments to your day and share this inspirational poster!
May 16: You’ve got style! Take this quick quiz to see what your wellness strategy style is.
May 17: DBSA celebrates peers helping peers who share in this video the best part of being a peer specialist. DBSA also celebrates peer specialists like Lucy who support people as they navigate their wellness journeys. Read Lucy’s story.
May 18: Step towards wellness today! Take our free Living Successfully with a Mood Disorder course—a learning opportunity for everyone, from individuals living with a mood disorder to the friends and family who love them.
May 19: Courses, discussion boards, networking, and webinars for peers are available for free at your fingertips! Connect with peers by joining the DBSA Peer Leadership Center!

th Month 2017

MAY 22-26 

Head downtown to the Government Building to discover how you can advocate—in ways that are as small or big as you are comfortable doing—for the rights of our community!

th Month 2017May 22: Knowledge is power. Read and share the facts about mood disorders in youth in this new infographic from DBSA and learn how you can ensure children continue to have access to mental care.
May 23: Take this quick quiz to see what your advocacy strategy style is.
May 24: DBSA celebrates advocates like three-time NCAA women’s basketball champion, Chamique Holdsclaw who is committed to raising awareness and inspiring others to live in wellness, and Levi who runs marathons to raise awareness of positive mental health. He has raised $10,000 for mental health, arts education, immigrant issues, and breast cancer. Read their stories!

MAY 29-30

Join us at a Town Hall Meeting to honor our Veterans, share highlights from #MoodVillage community members and discover what’s next!

* is number of people affected by depression or bipolar disorder in U.S.