Depression and Bipolar Support AllianceDBSA 2015: From I to We Campaign and Tour

In 2015, DBSA is celebrating our past—30 years of connecting people living with mood disorders to life-saving peer support, information, tools, and resources. And our future—building on the foundation that our collective lived experience has the power to improve lives—by working together to create a future where wellness is no longer a possibility for only some, but a probability for all!

In this, our 30th anniversary year, we are challenging ourselves to create a future empowered by shifting the focus from “I to We”a future that changes the emphasis from:

  • Eliminating illness to building wellness
  • Isolation and fear to a welcoming community of support
  • Individual views to powerful, collective voices

 We invite you to watch this introductory video about DBSA 2015: From I to We Tour and Campaign in which DBSA President Allen Doederlein overviews a year of programs and events promoting a shift from I to We:

  • As a community offering and promoting peer support and peer services
  • In partnership with clinicians to incorporate wellness measurements into their practices
  • By employing self-directed, whole-health focused wellness strategies
  • As a coalition of advocates working toward common goals to ensure access to critical mental health services
  • To shift public perception from danger and drain to residency and contribution

We hope you’ll join us this year as we spread our message of wellness, contribution, and community across the country. Stay in the loop throughout 2015 at

Join Us for the DBSA 2015: From I to We Tour and 30th Anniversary Celebration

Important updates will be posted throughout the year to this web page, so be sure to check back often to make sure you don’t miss out on these exciting events!

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Summer 2015: From I to We Regional Events in Colorado Springs, New York City, Los Angeles
Making stops in three cities across the nation, these free 2-hour events for the public, press, local government, and DBSA support group participants will celebrate the significant contributions of individuals living with mental health conditions; promote dialogue and action towards changing public perception from danger and drain to potential and contribution; and connect individuals seeking wellness to DBSA chapter and community resources. Learn more and join us!

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

September 2015: From I to We Weekend and 30th Anniversary Celebration in Chicagoland, IL
In celebration of our 30th Anniversary, DBSA is expanding our traditional national conference and chapter leadership forum weekend. This wellness-focused weekend event offered two days of educational programming for peers, parents, families, friends, and the public as well a day of in-depth training and networking opportunities for communities leaders—chapter, parent, young adult, and peer specialist leaders.

Mariel Hemingway, Andrew Solomon, and Larry Fricks were among the impressive list of presenters. The entire weekend was punctuated by celebrations of the significant contributions of people living with mood disorders as well as the individuals who were instrumental in the formation and continued growth of DBSA and our ability to deliver on our mission to improve the lives of people living with mood disorders for the past 30 years. Learn more.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Fall 2015: From I to We Executive Summit
DBSA will be hosting the summit in D.C. to promote unified action across key mental health advocacy organizations.

DBSA 2015: From I to We Campaign Programming

In addition to our core programming focused on providing life-saving peer support, in-depth information, educational resources, and tools to empower individuals living with, and/or affected by, mood disorders, DBSA will be delivering the following From I to We Campaign and Tour programs in 2015.

Shifting from eliminating illness to building wellness:

  • Promotion of 2014 WHO-Five Challenge to clinicians to incorporate wellness measurements into their practices
  • Presentations at mental health professional conferences to promote integration of mental and physical health
  • Strength- and resiliency-based programming focused on overall quality of life
  • Hosting a series of regional, community events focused on shifting the public’s perception from “danger and drain” to “potential and contribution”

Building on our 30-year legacy of peer support by leading people out of isolation and fear into a welcoming community of support:

  • Supporting and growing our network of 300 chapters and 12 state organizations that offer more than 800 peer-led support groups across the U.S.
  • Expanding our Family Helpline to address the questions and concerns of our peers, family, and friends
  • Enhancing our parent-focused programs and online communitiesIntroducing programs and resources for young adults
  • Launching a social media “connect” campaign
  • Training peer specialists to help others find and maintain wellness
  • Hosting a Leadership Forum this fall to educate community leaders

Advocating for change by transforming individual views into powerful, collective voices:

  • Strengthening our growing grassroots advocacy networks to impact state and national legislation, policy, and regulations
  • Enhancing our Care for Your Mind advocacy blog to give peers and family members a voice in our ever-changing health care system
  • Hosting an Executive Summit in D.C. to promote unified action