What's your definition of wellness?

Have you ever wished that you could tell the people who research, develop, and regulate medical product treatments for depression what outcomes are important to you? Now you can...

For the Media

Please help us inform the public about these life–threatening, but highly treatable medical conditions; dispel harmful myths; and connect individuals with the information and tools they need to not just survive, but thrive.

  • Media Kit: Find quick reference documents including feature/backgrounder, expert source, mood disorder fact sheet, and DBSA brochure.

  • Facts about Mood Disorders: Read up on the basic facts about depression and bipolar, including symptoms, economic impact, suicide rates, treatment options, and DBSA support groups.

  • News Releases and Announcements: Read DBSA announcements and news releases.

  • Public Service Announcements: View our print Public Service Announcements and listen to our PSA radio spots.

  • About DBSA: Learn more about America’s #1 provider of peer support and services, education, and wellness tools for people living with depression or bipolar disorder

  • Preferred Language:10 Ways to Combat Discrimination with Compassionate Language

If you are a journalist and wish to request an interview with a medical expert/researcher, patient, or DBSA staff; discuss story ideas; or need answers about depression, bipolar disorder, or DBSA, please contact Info@DBSAlliance.org.