Facilitating Wellness from Childhood throughout Adulthood

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance and The Balanced Mind Foundation Join Forces

DBSA and the Balanced Mind Foundation (TBMF) are joining forces to improve the mental health of, and facilitate wellness for, individuals living with mood disorders from childhood throughout adulthood. Historically our programming has been almost exclusively focused on adults with the lived experience of mood disorder. TBMF on the other hand has centered their programming to support families of children and adolescents living with bipolar disorder and other mood disorders.

“Early identification and treatment of mood disorders is critical to maximizing the potential for children to grow into adults living in mental health and wellness,” explains DBSA President Allen Doederlein. “Parents and guardians are the most influential factor in helping children achieve full, thriving lives and therefore it is imperative that they receive the support, tools, and resources they need to ensure the best possible outcomes for children as they grow into adulthood.”

Under a single organization, we have a greater potential, through early intervention, to help reduce the severity of mental health issues for children as they grow. We will be able to provide consistent support as they transition from childhood to adulthood and throughout their lives.

Susan Resko, Executive Director of The Balanced Mind Foundation agrees. “By joining forces, our members, volunteers, and supporters will not only benefit from renewed support for current TBMF programming, they will gain new educational and empowering tools and resources. Additionally we will greatly benefit by having a larger voice in shaping the future of mental health through access to DBSA’s research, peer specialist and advocacy initiatives.”

We expect the transition to DBSA, including TBMF’s comprehensive family-focused programming to take place on January 1, 2014. DBSA members will have access to TBMF’s online family support network as part of DBSA’s programming and resources. And TBMF will be enriched with the input from our more than 300 chapters and 750 in-person and peer-led support groups nationwide.

Read the press release. [pdf]