DBSA Anxiety Survey 2005

Summary (Top reported answers)

Do you ever experience anxiety symptoms?
96% Yes
4% No

What anxiety symptoms do you experience?
72% Being easily tired
69% Problems concentrating
66% Irritability
66% Excessive worry
63% Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
58% Restlessness, feeling keyed-up or on edge
57% Unwanted ideas, images, or impulses
50% Muscle tension/aches

Which anxiety disorder(s), if any, have you been diagnosed with?
45% I have not been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder
31% Generalized anxiety disorder
21% Panic disorder
17% Social anxiety or social phobia

Did your doctor ask about any of the following symptoms when you first talked to him/her about your mood disorder?
88% Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
79% Restlessness, feeling keyed-up
71% Chronic Worry
52% Muscle tension or aches
51% Rapid heartbeat

What help did your doctor offer for your anxiety symptoms?
41% Suggested medication for anxiety in addition to medication for mood disorder
41% Suggested talk therapy
39% Suggested medication for the combined treatment of mood disorders and anxiety

How are you treating your anxiety symptoms?
63% Medication
40% Self-talk
35% Talk therapy
25% Relaxation exercises (deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, etc)

What helps you to reduce anxiety?
64% Taking my mind off the anxiety (reading, watching TV, chores, etc)
55% Listening to music
52% Talking about it with a friend/family member
41% Talking about it with a doctor/therapist
34% Journaling, writing, or poetry

Where do you think your anxiety comes from?
69% Symptom of mood disorder
69% Response to life event(s)
44% Heredity

Did your doctor tell you that anxiety may be a side effect of your mood disorder medication?
84% No
16% Yes

How do your loved ones help you? (check all that apply)
58% They listen to me talk about how I feel
50% They reassure me
47% They remind me not to be so hard on myself
46% They give me space

If you have bipolar disorder, do you think your anxiety is worse during a manic or depressive state?
42% Do not know
32% Anxiety is worse during a depressive state
17% Anxiety is worse during a manic state
9% Always the same