Depression and Bipolar Support AllianceIntroducing DBSA Chair, Cheryl Magrini

I am honored to be serving this esteemed organization—one that places the peer voice front and center in mental health education, peer support services, research, therapeutic advancements, and grass-roots advocacy on state and national mental health legislative issues. Through enacting DBSA’s mission to provide hope, help, support, and education to improve the lives of people who have mood disorders, my goal is that every person be treated with dignity; be accepted for who they are without judgment; be supported by their peers, loved ones and faith communities; and have timely, affordable, and ready access to mental health services at the highest level of care.

First-hand experience has demonstrated to me how DBSA is transforming lives. I’ve participated in DBSA’s life-empowering peer specialist training, witnessed the significant role DBSA chapters play on the local and national levels, and been encouraged by the advancements made through the increasing integration of peers into the mental health workplace.

My family founded the DBSA Chicago Loop Chapter in 2011, located in the heart of the city of Chicago. Facilitating two support groups each week is truly one of the most significant roles that I engage in. I hear over and over, “Now I know I am not alone.”

2014 is an exciting and adventurous time to be part of the DBSA Family. We are in the second year of advancing our strategic plan that guides the programming, therapeutic alliances, community engagement, and partnerships with researchers in mood disorders and other mental health organizations with a three-fold emphasis on peer focus, advocacy, and organizational effectiveness.

I invite you to watch DBSA President, Allen Doederlein’s video on 2014: The Year of Thriving to hear about many of the programs that are advancing the mission of DBSA in the year ahead and stay abreast of new initiatives at Much is happening already and 2014 promises to be a year of thriving for our organization, and for all whom we serve in dedication and through our personal life connections. I am already working diligently for the DBSA family.

It is my joy and privilege,