DBSA 2013 Chapter Leadership Forum (CLF)

Friday, June 14, 2013
Hilton Miami Downtown (Miami, FL)
10:00 AM–5:00 PM

In the spirit of the conference theme, Stronger Together, CLF will focus on the partnership between the national office of DBSA and the local chapters, as well as chapters’ partnerships with their local communities. We’re excited to have chapter leaders from around the US sharing ways to best connect with mental health professionals; creating family and friends support groups; developing your board of directors; and much more!

The first 100 registrants affiliated with a DBSA chapter may attend at no cost as a benefit of chapter affiliation.

Individuals who are not affiliated with a DBSA chapter can participate for a $50 registration fee. Lunch is included with your registration for this one-day forum.

Register today to reserve your spot!


10:00–11:00 AM

The Ultimate Alliance

The national office of DBSA, our state organizations, and chapters make up a powerhouse of mood disorder education and support. Working together, we can improve the lives of people living with depression and bipolar disorder. Join our opening session to learn about new programs and partnerships that can help strengthen our bond and increase our reach.

11:15 AM–12:15 PM

Breakout Session 1

Choose one of the following three sessions.

  • Simple Fundraising Solutions(No Super Powers Needed), John Tamerin, MD and Allen Doederlein
    The idea of fundraising can spark fear in the hearts of even the strongest superheroes, but there are some simple ways to raise money for your chapter. We’ll discuss direct asks and membership dues, as well as some creative (and easy) FUNdraisers that chapters are using in their communities.
  • This Looks Like a Job For… Your Chapter’s Board!, Christy Beckmann
    So, you have a board of directors, but what are they supposed to do? What kind of people should be on your board? How often should they meet?If you have questions about your board of directors, this is the session for you!
  • Up, Up, and Away into Effective Facilitation , Mike Kuhl
    When facilitating, it’s important to always be prepared. Being proactive, having a facilitating structure, and setting appropriate expectations are keys to leading a healthy and happy support group.

12:15–1:30 PM

Lunch & Chapter Service Awards

Join us as we recognize the outstanding work of DBSA Chapters. Lunch is included with your Friday registration. 

1:30–2:30 PM

Breakout Session 2

Choose one of the following three sessions.

  • Support for Our Supporters , Phyllis Foxworth
    Family and friends can be great supporters on our wellness journeys, but they also need support. Establishing family and friends support groups as part of your chapter's mission not only provides a resource for these often overlooked individuals, but also serves as an important wellness tool for your chapter’s other peer-led support groups. This session will provide practical tips on how to create and sustain a family & friends support group based on first-hand experience.
  • Strength in Numbers: Participant Recruitment and Retention, Stephanie Kubik
    In order for our chapters to be most effective, we need to continuously grow. This session will cover ways to expand your reach as well as encourage current participants to stick around.
  • Joining Forces: Partnering with Professionals, Rebecca Fulk
    Working with mental health professionals in our communities can help us in many ways, and it can help them too! Mental health professionals and chapter participants have complementary perspectives. Just as the pros around us can offer us insight into the relevance of current research to our own treatment, we can show them the real-world application of putting that knowledge into practice. Helping your chapter participants keep up to date with current mental health treatments and research provides them with the necessary information to be true partners. We will cover:
    • Using RSS feeds to keep up with developing research
    • Finding local allies in the mental health field
    • Leveraging our experience with the pros' knowledge to create services (website content, fact sheets, seminars, etc.) that benefit the entire community

2:45–3:45 PM

Breakout Session 3

Choose one of the following three sessions.

  • Overcoming Kryptonite: Facing Your Chapter’s Challenges, David Mizenko and Ingrid Deetz
    Just as kryptonite stopped Superman in his tracks, all chapters experience times when they just can’t seem to move past their challenges. Often we prefer to ignore them and hope they go away. In this session we will utilize real chapter stories and work together to find ways to face these challenges head on.
  • Serve and Protect while Maintaining Boundaries, Steve Propst
    As chapter leaders, we want to help people as much as possible, but we also need to be sure to set boundaries that help keep us healthy. This session will explore ways to help both you and chapter participants set and maintain their own personal boundaries within the group.
  • Community Education: A Great Sidekick to Your Support Groups, Bonnie Rosenthal
    Community education sessions can be a great addition to your chapter’s services and a great way to get new people involved. DBSA offers many programs that you can offer in your home town, including Living Successfully with a Mood Disorder and the Pathways to Recovery curricula. We’ll talk about the ins and outs of offering these opportunities and more.

4:00–5:00 PM

Soaring to New Heights

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s DBSA! After a day full of sharing and growing, let’s set our sights high and plan for bringing home our new knowledge and excitement!