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Each year, we hear from conference attendees that one of the best things about our conferences is the opportunity to connect with confirm and realize that they're not alone and to learn from each other how to develop their own path to recovery. Listen to what attendees at past DBSA National Conferences had to say about their experiences.

Audio Testimonials

Consumer Story    
> Kristen Finn
Family Member Story   
> Bill Coussons  

DBSA Chapter Member Story
> Lew Yago 

Evaluation Statistics

  • 97% of 2010 conference survey respondents were very satisfied (76%) or satisfied (21%) with their conference experience.
  • 98% of 2010 conference survey respondents would recommend this conference.

Written Testimonials

2010 Attendee Comments

“Congratulations on 25 years! Anyone with a mood disorder needs to attend this conference. Personally, I now feel less alone, less stigmatized, and less misunderstood. The information I’ve gained is immense and will be passed on to my therapists and loved ones.”

"Everything I learned was pertinent and stimulated ideas to implement at the local chapter."

"The information, the people, the hope!  Well done!"

“Just seeing the sheer number of people who share a common experience makes me feel that I am not alone. I learned so much about biological factors, emotional components, and building supportive relationships.”

“This is an excellent opportunity for people living with these disorders as consumers or family members to learn about their illness and also to share coping skills with their peers.”

“Thank you to the staff for being wonderful, helpful, and caring.”

“Keep working hard to meet the needs of people who are living with a mental illness. Never loose sight of why DBSA is here.”

“Very enlightening.”

“The conference is just so inspiring to me and I am encouraged to go back home and continue the work of improving the lives of people living with mood disorders in my small town. Thank you for this special event each year!”

“Was extremely relaxing an enjoyable.”

“These conferences are so empowering! Everyone is super friendly!”

“Well done! Best conference ever!”

“I truly enjoyed myself. I made a lot of new friends whose stories touched my heart. I am so glad I came!”

“Wonderful, Inspiring, informative experience; have never attended such an event and would like to express my sincere thanks and admiration to the DBSA staff for the wonderful work they are doing. Well done!”

“Great experience for my family, especially my daughter who is 19 and can see there is hope and empowerment!”

I am very glad I attended. I went to my first DBSA conference in 2007/Orlando, it was a great step for me. This conference has put me back in touch with what I need to take the next step in my recovery.”

“I attended the stand-up comedy night for the first time. They were amazing! They did such a great job! I loved it.”

“Thank you so much. This is my second DBSA conference - I'm hooked!”

“DBSA and this conference are essential in advancing the education on mental illness.”

“I can truly say that this was the best conference I have attended and I hope to go to the next one.”

“By far the best conference I have attended in my 10 years working in consumer operated service programs! Fantastic speakers!”

Attendee Comments from our 2009 National Conference

"This was the most important experience I have had since I was first diagnosed--I finally found others who understood--even without having to say a thing. I don't feel so alone."

"The conference turned out to be much, much, much better than what I expected. The speakers, the workshops were fantastic. I have a better understanding of my son's illness. Thank you!"

"The breakout session choices/options were excellent.  ‘Ask the Professional’ was the best ever at a conference."

"The information, the people, the hope! Well done!"

"The variety of speakers and peer roundtable sessions were great."

"Really motivational keynotes just excellent! So honest and brave. Best keynotes of all 8 conferences I have been to!"

"That there are people of all races, ages, and socioeconomic status that are feeling the effects of mental illnesses from a loved one.  I like the camaraderie. People let down their guard. They were very sincere and compassionate. I saw a lot of tears and that was touching."

"The facilities are fabulous. Service great. DBSA staff are wonderful and top quality. Content is perfect to motivate and instruct. Excellent conference. A+"

"Everything I learned was pertinent and stimulated ideas to implement at the local chapter."

"Knowing that people understood."

"The variety of topics and the inclusion of art and comedy and literature; also I liked the peer support roundtables. "

"New approaches for managing my illness."

"Ever since my burnout/breakdown/whatever, I have felt like a bad person who was too weak and stupid to prevent this from happening. I've given up a coveted coordinator position for our school system and my consulting and training position for a national reading company. I've felt tossed around by the system as though I had no choice. This conference has empowered me to go back and hold my head up high and stand up for my rights as an individual. I've been inspired by the stories of successful return to productivity."

"Wonderful conference! I plan to attend next year. Please, keep up the great work. All of the staff really extended themselves to us. Much thanks! "

"The energy generated by these conferences will have a wellness ripple effect throughout all those touched by the attendees when they go home. For sure, an event that will "improve the lives of those living with mood disorder." What a concept. It is really a blessing for me to be here at the conference. I couldn't come without Rebecca's Dream. I guarantee you that I'll do a world more good with what I've gained from the conference. Thank you! You're helping many through me. "

"By attending the DBSA conference, I have been able to meet and network with other peers who have a plethora of knowledge, insight, and resources on how to run a successful DBSA chapter."

"I cannot thank you enough for enabling me to attend this conference. It revolutionized my desire to continue to help others in their recovery. Without this scholarship, I would not have had the opportunity to be so inspired to continue to reach out to so many hurting people. Thank you again for your gift of inspiration. I am in the middle of a divorce of a 29-year marriage."

"It is reinforcing to know that others have coped and recovery is a reasonable goal. I am thankful to Rebecca's Dream for providing my scholarship. It was wonderful to finally meet her parents and am thankful to them for carrying on her legacy."

"The variety in keynotes & breakout sessions. I like the fact that the handouts are available on the DBSA website. I'm looking forward to sharing some of the information I learned about with the members of the Grand Rapids support group."




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