What's your definition of wellness?

Have you ever wished that you could tell the people who research, develop, and regulate medical product treatments for depression what outcomes are important to you? Now you can...

Media Kit

We’ve compiled a series of quick reference documents to aid you in story development.

Living with Depression or Bipolar Disorder? Find peer support! Find yourself! Article approved for publication without attribution (pdf)

Mood Disorder Fact Sheet
1pager on key statistics for depression and bipolar disorder (pdf)

DBSA Brochure
Informational brochure about DBSA programs (pdf)

Preferred Language
10 Ways to Combat Discrimination with Compassionate Language (pdf)

Please contact Info@DBSAlliance.org if you'd like a DBSA media kit mailed to you or call (800) 826-3632 to learn how DBSA is creating wellness for people living with mood disorders.