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The Legislative Process

Prior to and during presidential elections, people across the country are involved in lively discussions on who would make the best president. And hopefully, before they cast their vote, they take the time to educate themselves about the candidates and their positions on important issues.

But what about the rest of the year? What about proposed legislation that could change laws that will affect you today and probably tomorrow? Are you informed? Are you involved? Do you follow important changes to healthcare, discrimination, disability, and other issues? Unless you belong to a political group or are closely following health in the news, by the time most people hear about a change, it’s more likely that it has already become a law and its too late for people to help make a change.

The legislative process can be very confusing. How does a bill become a law? How are officials elected? What does all of this legislative jargon mean?

This section will help answer all of those questions for you.