DBSA 2012 Program Report

DBSA thanks our family of Chapter, Board, individual, corporate, and foundation partners for their generous support of the following programs in 2012.

DBSA Annual Report 2012

Did you know that more than two million people receive support and information from DBSA? See the impact of your support of DBSA had in 2012.

2012 Core Programs Delivered from General Operating Support

Your 2012 contributions allowed DBSA to provide the following core services supporting our mission to improve the lives of people living with mood disorders.

Community & Peer Support: DBSA provides resources and support to maintain and enhance DBSA’s network of nearly 300 Chapters. DBSA Chapters provide community education and offer more than 650 free, peer-led support groups that serve an estimated 50,000 people living with or affected by mood disorders. Learn about DBSA Chapters.

Online Education & Tools: More than 700,000 people visit DBSA’s suite of online websites to access life-saving information.

  • DBSAlliance.org and DBSAlianza.org connect individuals with in-depth information about depression and bipolar disorder, wellness options, peer support, and advice on how to help others. These materials are available 24/7 online via print, video, podcasts, webinars, web-streamed events, and online courses. DBSA re-launched DBSAlliance.org in July 2012, with a new look and improved navigation to better support our online community.
  • FacingUs.org is home to a wealth of customizable personal wellness tools that help people live full, healthy, and happy lives. Inside the Facing Us Clubhouse, guests and members can be inspired by personal videos of recovery; create a personal wellness plan; share wellness tips; chart their wellness with the DBSA Wellness Tracker; and much more.
  • DBSA’s growing social media channels connect tens of thousands of individuals seeking information and support through videos on the DBSA YouTube channel and informational posts on DBSA’s Facebook and Twitter page.

Printed Brochures: DBSA offers more than 30 printed brochures, CDs, and DVDs on specific topics related to mood disorders. Nearly 41,000 information-rich, scientifically-vetted, easy-to-read brochures were circulated in 2012 by DBSA and our Chapters to individuals throughout the nation via requests to our toll-free number or online requests as well as in support groups, doctors’ offices, and mental health events. Our educational brochures are available online at DBSAlliance.org.

Toll-Free Referral Service: In 2012, DBSA connected more than 16,000 individuals to resources for support and assistance on a wide variety of concerns though our toll-free referral number; providing a friendly voice to help navigate challenging waters.

Peer Training: DBSA understands the immense value of the lived experience in helping others to find their way to wellness. In 2012, DBSA trained

Community Events: In May, 2012, DBSA launched Positive Six (+6), an innovative six-month social media campaign focused on taking positive actions to improve individuals’ connection to their health and community. A strong support network, good physical health, and giving to others are all contributors towards good mental health for anyone, but especially for the more than 21 million people who live with mood disorders. Each month—May through October—DBSA featured a new +6 challenge aimed at strengthening connections to health, relationships, and community. Nearly 11,000 people engaged with Positive Six in 2012.

Chapter Management Support: In addition to providing ongoing assistance to DBSA Chapters and support groups, DBSA offers a password-protected Chapter Management section on DBSAlliance.org that provides a host of tools and resources to our Chapters to help them grow and enhance their Chapters, offer educational events in their communities, fundraise to support their local programming, improve their support groups, and much, much more.

Special Thanks to the Generous Supporters of DBSA Core Programming

  • Individual Donors (See full list)
  • Anonymous Donors
  • Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Carole B. Kenneth J. Boudreaux Foundation
  • Collaborative Care Initiative, LLC
  • Friends and Family of Patrick Mackey
  • Greenberg Traurig Philanthropic Fund
  • Jane Hard Russell Charitable Trust
  • OptumHealth
  • The Fine Foundation
  • The George Link, Jr. Charitable Trust
  • The Oxford Area Foundation


Concordance 2012
On Monday, November 12, 2012, DBSA joined forces with the International Society for Bipolar Disorder (ISBD) and the Collaborative Care Initiative (CCI) to host Concordance 2012, a live and simultaneous web-streamed panel discussion about enhancing collaborative care. Instead of individuals simply following a plan as outlined by a mental health professional, this panel of people with mood disorder diagnoses and clinicians discussed the idea of concordance: clinicians working together with their clients to develop and agree on treatment plans that address the goals, circumstances, and challenges that may face an individual seeking treatment. More than 477 people viewed the online presentation.

Special Thanks to Our Concordance 2012 Program Sponsors

  • Marketing and promotions for this event was supported by a charitable contribution from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Concordance 2012 was supported in part by an independent educational grant from Merck & Co., Inc.
  • This program was funded in part by a contribution from Lilly, USA, LLC, which had no control over its content. No personally-identifiable information regarding attendees is provided to any grant supporters.
  • Additional support provided by Marylou Selo.

In May, 2012 DBSA, in partnership with the University of Michigan Depression Center, launch WeSearchTogether.org, an online clearinghouse for research that advances depression, bipolar disorder and mood research through encouraging volunteer participation and enhancing community-researcher relationships. WeSearchTogether.org has created a unique forum for communication among peers and highlights the latest clinical trials and research advancements within the mental health field. The website provides detailed information on mental health clinical trial participation, allows people to browse study listings, gives testimonials from study participants and researchers, and matches people with specific research participation opportunities. More than 6,500 people connected with WeSearchTogether in 2012.

Special Thanks

DBSA thanks our WeSearchTogether partner, the University of Michigan Depression Center

WeSearchTogether was supported by the National Institutes of Health via grant # RC4 MH091975-01 and grant # UL1RR024986 from the National Center for Research Resources. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Center for Research Resources.

Bipolar Disorder Education YouTube Video Library

In 2012, DBSA began production of a nine-part video series on YouTube educating peers, family members, and the public on bipolar disorder. The series includes an introduction to bipolar disorder with John Zajecka, MD, and videos featuring peers candidly addressing issues such as triggers, warning signs, stigma, disclosure, medications and side effects, and coping skills for family and friends. Since launch, the videos have been viewed nearly 4,000 times. The bipolar education video series further served as a foundation for a community event kit for use by DBSA Chapters that was distributed in 2013.

Special Thanks

DBSA thanks AstraZeneca for their support for production, not content development, of the DBSA 2012 Bipolar Educational YouTube Video Series.

Printed and Online Materials Bipolar Disorder Educational Materials

DBSA was pleased to enhance our library of educational brochures with the reprinting of updated Finding Peace of Mind: Treatment Strategies for Bipolar Disorder and You’ve Just Been Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder…Now What? brochures. These brochures, together with an online presentation of Demystifying Bipolar Disorder, offer in-depth information to those seeking to learn more about this complicated and often misunderstood condition.

Special Thanks

Production, not content development, of these educational materials was supported by a charitable contribution from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Chapter Facilitator Training

In 2012, DBSA trained 114 DBSA Chapter members as facilitators to help them provide guidance and inspiration to their support groups. The live training was delivered on-site at locations around the country. For those unable to attend these in-person trainings, Chapter members can access online course materials in the Chapter Management Section of DBSAlliance.org.

Special Thanks

DBSA thanks an anonymous donor for their support of DBSA Chapter facilitator training.


Late in 2012, DBSA worked in partnership with Families for Depression Awareness (FFDA) to start development on CareForYourMind.org, an online blog launched in May, 2013, created to engage peers and family members in critical discussions and decisions about mental health care. Care for Your Mind™ allows FFDA and DBSA to initiate and facilitate active dialogue about emerging policies and regulations that will determine the availability and quality of mental health care services to people with mood disorders and their families.

Special Thanks to Our Care for Your Mind Sponsors

DBSA acknowledges and thanks the Takeda Lundbeck Alliance for supporting the development of CareForYourMind.org. The Takeda Lundbeck Alliance’s involvement in Care for Your Mind (CFYM) is solely as a financial supporter. The Takeda Lundbeck Alliance was not, and is not, involved in the organizing of CFYM, creation of the content on CareForYourMind.org, or content or development of enduring materials created for or related to CFYM.

DBSA 2013 Advocacy Initiatives

At the close of 2012, DBSA received funding to support grassroots advocacy initiatives in 2013. Planning began to train peer advocates in four states facing particular challenges with mental health legislation, policy, or regulatory issues. DBSA’s advocacy work in 2013 also focuses on ensuring the voice of the lived experience is represented in D.C. and in forums across the nation where critical issues of mental health are being decided. Learn more about advocacy.

Special Thanks to DBSA 2013 Advocacy Initiatives Sponsors

  • AstraZeneca
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • Forest Laboratories
  • The Takeda Lundbeck Alliance

DBSA 2013 National Conference: Planning and promotional efforts were in full swing in 2012 for the DBSA 2013 National Conference. The extended weekend event, themed Stronger Together, wass centered on strengths-based wellness strategies and partnerships for improved wellness:

  • Friday, June 14—DBSA Chapter Leadership Forum: Stronger together as a community
  • Saturday, June 15—DBSA and ISBD Partnering for Success Joint Day: Stronger together as partners in wellness
  • Sunday, June 16—DBSA Embracing Wellness: Stronger together as peers embracing our inner strength

Special Thanks

DBSA thanks the following investors in the DBSA 2013 National Conference:

  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • Lundbeck, LLC
  • Otsuka America Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  
  • Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.

Out of the Blue: The Many Faces of Depression YouTube Video Series

In 2012, DBSA began production of a seven-part video series on YouTube educating peers, family members, and the public on the many faces of depression. The series features peers candidly sharing how depression presented in their lives, often-times in rather unexpected ways. The video series launched 2013.

Special Thanks

DBSA acknowledges and thanks the Takeda Lundbeck Alliance for supporting the production of, not content development of, the DBSA Out of the Blue: The Many Faces of Depression YouTube Video Series.