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DBSA Discussion Forums

It is after much deliberation that we announce that we must close the DBSA online forums. DBSA is committed to providing our constituents opportunities to connect with peers, resources, information and support in as positive and constructive manner as possible. As you are aware, DBSA online forums are unmoderated---a mandatory requirement to address legal concerns. Some generous souls have offered to moderate the forums as volunteers and while we greatly appreciate your offers, unfortunately this would not alleviate the legal issues. In order to provide a positive and constructive environment, we feel the forums would have to be moderated and since that is not an option, we feel it necessary to close them. We realize that this news may come as a big disappointment to our forum participants but we are thankful that many new opportunities for online communications have been created in the decade since we originally opened the DBSA online forums. We encourage you to review the list of other mental health forums available to you below. Please note, these changes will not impact the DBSA Online Support Groups. Online Support Groups will continue to meet at their normally scheduled times. For more information on the Online Support Groups, please visit

Thank you for your understanding of this challenging, but necessary step.

Other Mental Health Forums
Note, the listing of the forums below is provided for your reference only and does not represent an endorsement by DBSA of these resources.