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DBSA Ambassador Program

Dear Family and Friends,

Today, I feel strong and have hope for a bright and fulfilling future. I live a life unlimited by my mood disorder.

It was not long ago that I thought I could never feel this way. Your unconditional love and support, my own courage and strength and the resources that DSBA provided made this possible.

This is why I have chosen to become a DBSA Ambassador, because I know the difference that DBSA can make in the life of someone living with a mood disorder. So, I am asking my family and friends to join me in supporting DSBA. Take a moment to visit my Ambassador page at [YOUR AMBASSADOR PAGE URL] and learn more about how DBSA helped me. Then, take the next step and make a gift and help me to bring DBSA to others in need of what only DBSA can provide.

DBSA is the only national peer-directed mental health organization whose sole purpose is to ensure the best possible outcomes for all people living with depression and bipolar disorder. DBSA provides free and accessible support groups, innovative wellness programs and online and printed educational tools. We are a coalition of peers, family and friends, clinicians and researchers and community members all working together to improve—and save—lives. 

I believe in DBSA because DBSA believed in me, believed that I had within me the strength to recover. Please, join me in helping DBSA to show others that they, too, have the strength to recover and that, with help, recovery from depression and bipolar disorder is, indeed, possible.





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