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Benefits of Registering with

Our website now offers you the ability to register on our site. Why register?

Because registering gives you the chance to determine what you see on our website and in any DBSA e-newsletter you may subscribe well as offers you creative ways to get involved through personal fundraising and advocacy. Registering offers you the opportunity for:
Personalized Website Content: As we collect interests from our registrants, we will be developing interest-specific content for both our website and e-newsletters. That means the content of what you see when you visit our website will be tailored to your unique interests! Current interest categories include:

  • Advocacy
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression
  • Friends and Family
  • Media
  • Patient
  • Provider

E-news Updates: When you register online you can also sign-up for DBSA e-newsletters that you’re interested in, which again will be customized to your specific interests. You choose if, and/or which, e-communications you receive. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be the first to know about hot topics. Our current e-new offerings include:

E-Update: A potpourri of information with short segments on DBSA News, future events, legislative and medical updates. (4 to 8 issues/year)

Advocacy Alert: Critical news on pressing legislative issues in the news and information on how you can take action! (frequency varies by need)

Peer-to-Peer E-news: Information for certified Peer Specialists and others involved in, or interested in, The Peer Support Movement. (3 to 5 issues/year)

Event Updates: Updates on DBSA events scheduled throughout the country (frequency varies by need)

Tributes: As a registrant, you can create a tribute fund in honor of, or in memorial of, a friend or loved one. You’ll be able to create your own web page to share your unique story and track the progress of your fundraising goals. You can even send emails, directing friends and family to your tribute page, encouraging them to help by donating to your fund.

Designate Donations: Registrants have a variety of ways to direct their donations to specific funds set up by DBSA, from standard donation levels to crisis funds and benefit funds, as well as tributes set up by other registrants.

Feedback: Through our new Survey Center, we’ll be asking for your feedback on issues surrounding mental illness and ways we at DBSA can provide better tools and resources for individuals living with mood disorders.

Online Community Support: Registration is required to participate in DBSA Live Chats and Discussion boards, which are two great ways to share information, resources and experiences with others living with mood disorders.

page created: May 17, 2006
 page updated: June 17, 2006