DBSA Core Peer Specialist Training Curriculum

40 Hours

  • Welcome and introduction to training
  • Five stages in the recovery process:overview
  • Five stages in the recovery process:dangers
  • Role of peer support in the recovery process
  • Telling your recovery story
  • Creating program environments that promote recovery
  • Beliefs that promote/support recovery
  • Effective listening and the art of asking questions
  • Dissatisfaction as an avenue for change
  • Facing fears
  • Combating negative self-talk
  • Problem solving
  • Effective peer-led mutual support groups
  • Recovery Dialogues®
  • Power, conflict and integrity in the workplace
  • Peer specialist ethics
  • Cultural competency
  • Diagnosis, treatment, and the role of peer support
  • Suicide prevention and the role of peer support
  • Five stages in the recovery process:interventions
  • Creating the life you want
  • Next steps and final reflections

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