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The Balanced Mind Parent Network (BMPN), a program of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA), guides families raising children with mood disorders to the answers, support, and stability they seek.

Learn all there is to know about mood disorders from The Balanced Mind Parent Network! Here is a list of our most popular articles. These resources are for parents, caregivers and other adults involved in raising a child, teen or young adult with, or at risk for, a mood disorder. The Balanced Mind Parent Network is a community where you'll find resources, connection and hope for the road ahead.


I discovered The Balanced Mind Parent Network when I needed help for my daughter, my family, and me. Her symptoms had begun when she was 7 but she wasn’t diagnosed with bipolar disorder until she was a freshman in high school. That was in 2000. Through The Balanced Mind Parent Network's cutting edge scientific resources and support networks, I was able to ask her doctors the right questions, advocate for her with her school, learn more effective parenting skills, and get the support and hope I needed when I felt alone and overwhelmed. This June, she graduated from college and is doing extremely well. The Balanced Mind Parent Network is here for you too. The Balanced Mind Parent Network cares about you and your child. Please join our community for help along your path.
– Susan Madian, BMPN member and DBSA Board member