Become a Chapter Leader

I didn’t have anyone to look up to, any role models. Now I can be one.
–DBSA support group facilitator

Becoming a leader in your local DBSA chapter or state organization can make a real difference, not only in your own life, but in the lives of others. By getting involved you can do something that makes a tremendous difference in providing hope, help, and support to those living with bipolar disorder and depression.

All DBSA chapters offer peer-led support groups and many are in need of good facilitators! Support group facilitators can help encourage participants to advocate for their own wellness as well as getting support themselves! Encouraging participants to ask their mental health providers questions, stand up for their rights, and find their inner wisdom to answer tough questions for themselves are all great ways to encourage self-advocacy.

But facilitating isn't the only way to get involved, many DBSA chapters also offer educational sessions, newsletters and may even host advocacy events in their communities. You may wish to:

  • write a newsletter article about a mental health concern in your community or nationally. 
  • host an educational session on self-advocacy or a specific legislative issue that participants want to learn more about.
  • put together a trip to the state capital to meet with local legislators. 
  • write a group letter to your local media outlets about mental health and stigma.   

Getting involved in your local DBSA chapter or state organization can provide you with many great ways to encourage self-advocacy amongst participants and promote change in your community. 

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